Mountains. Heavy mountain. They change very long. Sky. Blue sky. Something invisible, something visible. Sun. It is one thing. Water. Something pleasant. Commando Ikari. Flowers. They are many of the same, many of them useless. Sky. Red, red sky. Red. I do not like red. Erupting water. Blood. The smell of blood. The girl, who does not come with blood. People started from the red soil. People started by a man and a woman. City. It was created by people. Eve. It was created by people. What is a man? God created him. People have been created by people. I have a life and a soul. Vessel of the soul. Contact capsule. This is the throne of the soul.

Who is it? This is me. Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I?

Am what I am. This object is me. This image of me, seen me. But I do not feel like me. It's very strange. I feel as if I dissolve. I can not understand themselves. My figure disappears. I feel like someone else. Is there someone in front of me?